Our world is becoming increasingly global more than at any other time period. Globalization of world trade, economic dependencies and interdependent financial systems are occurring. For many domestic and international clients, it is becoming increasingly important to procure international IP protection.



We prepare international filings including Madrid Protocol and seniority claim filings and can resolve issues at USPTO and the International Bureau at WIPO.


PCT – European Patent Organization (EPO)

including United Kingdom (UK) and Germany, Japan, China, etc.

In this regard, we at Nwamu, P.C. can utilize Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) to initiate broad-based international patent protection. PCT is a treaty adhered to by as many as 130 countries to streamline the patent application simultaneously across the contracting countries. Basic facts about PCT can be found here . The PCT applicant can postpone for 30 months the decision to spend money for foreign filings in the countries designated in the PCT application. This can be helpful when the applicant has no funding now or wishes to wait until commercial viability in the various countries is assessed before money is spent on the PCT process. After filing a PCT, the applicant may discover that it is no longer desirable to perform foreign filing. Consequently, we can assist in determining which foreign filings to discontinue and conserve funding that would have been expended on the foreign filings. Whether you are a VC-backed start up, established company or individual inventor, Nwamu, P.C. can help formulate a PCT strategy for global patent coverage.


National Phase

Many foreign companies, patent attorney and inventors desire to enter the U.S. National Phase case that claims priority to a PCT or foreign patent application. Upon receipt of your instructions, Nwamu, P.C. will promptly enter the U.S. National phase at very cost-effective rates and work with you to prosecute the U.S. National phase case. We welcome new relationships and we wish to collaborate both on our foreign filings and your U.S. National phase filings.